Bend, Oregon
Local 541.389.3311

Management Overview

Sundowner Capital Management utilizes an "active" management philosophy. Each day your holdings are monitored to ensure your financial goals are on track with:

  • Ongoing research and analysis on individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Constant monitoring of portfolio performance, holdings and balances.

We believe an “active” management philosophy as opposed to a “passive” management style is more flexible and adapts to changing market conditions. Coupled with a strategic asset allocation discipline, our clients know their portfolio is managed to optimize their results and meet their specific financial goals and objectives.

You're in Control

As a client of Sundowner, you’ll authorize us to direct the sale and purchase of securities on your behalf that are held at the brokerage firm, bank or trust company of your choice. Sundowner then manages your money based on the goals initially identified. You retain the sole authority to deposit or disperse funds.

Sundowner Fees

Sundowner operates on a fee-only basis with a maximum fee of 1% of assets under
management annually and requiring a minimum of $300,000 under management per client relationship. We do not sell products such as insurance, annuities, or mutual funds in which the firm would have a financial interest. Our clients are our priority.
More about fee-only investment advisors

Sundowner Capital Management LLC is a registered investment advisor in Oregon and Washington. Sundowner may only
transact business in these states in which it is state registered or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from state registration.